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Coron is in the province of Palawan, known for its beautiful untouched white sand beaches and lagoons, Coron is heaven on earth for everyone who visits.  Getting to Coron is easy as many airlines fly daily to the Busuanga airport. Landing in Busuanga is an experience on its own. The air strip is surrounded by an array of lush vegetation and animals, resembling parts of Africa at times. From the airport, it is a mere 40 minute car ride to the main area where most of the family owned lodges are located. Enjoy the many islands you can visit as well as the fresh seafood which is grilled to perfection.

Things to do:

Kayangan Lake: Kayangan lake is located in the northern part of Coron Island. Getting there may be a little tricky since you have to climb down several mountain slopes, before reaching the lake. The slopes aren’t as challenging as you may think and not steep at all.  There is also a boat rental that you may hire to take you around the entire lake area which is stunning.

Kayangan Lake

Entrance fee: $4 per person (includes twin lagoons and twin peaks)
Hours of operation: 8am-4pm

Kayangan Cave: Situated near the lake is this small yet beautiful cave. It is used to this day, as shelter for fisherman during unexpected storms and heavy rainfall.  It is one of the most photographed spots in Coron.

Kayangan Cave


Twin Lagoons: Nestled in the largest limestone formation lies the Twin lagoons. The lagoons are divided by a large limestone wall and is connected by a small narrow under water opening. Swimming in this area is like being in another world. The water is clear, and the sound of silence is abundant. Definitely a must see place!

Twin Lagoon


Twin Peaks: Twin peaks is the perfect spot for snorkeling. There is a plethora of coral reefs, colorful fish and marine life for people to see. The best time to go is early in the day before high tide comes in.

Twin Peaks


Kayaking through the mangrove forest: If you are one for adventure, then kayaking through the mangrove forest is something to try.  The mangrove forest is plush and kayaking through the area may take up to 30 mins.

Kayaking Through the Mangroves


Banol Beach: This short stretch of white sand is the ideal place to stop over for lunch. You can hire a boat from the pier for a minimum price and lunch comes with the boat and the crew! Enjoy a relaxing nap after lunch on this beach and swim in the crystal blue water.

Banol Beach

Entrance fee: $2 per person


Maquinit hot springs: This hot spring situated amidst the mangroves is a mixtured of fresh spring water from the mountains and salt water from the ocean.  The therapeutic water reaches 40 degrees C and is great to visit in the late afternoon when the breeze comes in. It is th perfect way to end a day of island hopping.

Maquinit Hot Springs

Entrance fee: $2 per person


Tapyas Trek: Mount Tapyas is a popular destination in Coron, many have hiked up the mountain and its 726 steps to witness the breathtaking view from the top.

View From Mt. Tapyas


Siete Picados: This area is also known for its marine life and snorkeling. It is a cluster of several islands where you can just jump off a boat and explore.


Banana Island

* There are so many other islands and beaches (Banana Island is also fabulous) to see as well as dive sites and wreck dive sites. Depending on how much time you decide on staying in the area, plan out what you want to see and ask your resort for more information on booking a boat for exploring the sites. All the locals are very friendly and more than willing to help.


Like most quiet fishing villages and provincial towns, there really isn’t a wide range of nocturnal activities to do.

Subasco: This recently opened night club is the place to be if you enjoy good music, dancing and cheap liquor.

Entrance fee: $2 per person and is consumable

Hell Diver’s Bar: If you want a friendly game of pool and a relaxed environment then check out this bar. Prices are affordable and the ambience is a regular dive bar filled with locals and tourists.

Raggs to Riches: This local karaoke bar boats a large flat screen TV for people to use while belting out their favorite song. Beers are only $1 per bottle!

Where to stay:

Coron Reef Pension House: $12-15 per room (2 adults)

Darayonan Lodge: $15-20 per room (2 adults)

Rudy’s Place Lodge: $15-20 per room (2-3 adults)

KokosNuss Garden Resort: $14-40 per room (2-6 adults)


Where to eat:

Most places serve fresh seafood and local Filipino food, others have an array of international cuisine.

Sea Dive restaurant (affordable seafood)

La Sirenneta seafood restaurant (more upscale but affordable)

Coron Bistro & Bar (burgers and pasta)

Kawayanan Grill Station (all grilled seafood is good)

Lolo Nonoy’s food station (try the Bulalo)

Old House (pasta and seafood)


Where to shop:

There are lots of stalls near the pier as well as Coron market where you can find shell jewlery, locally made handicrafts, snacks and beach items.


Safety Issues:

Not many safety issues here but I do recommend that you go during the summer months (March-May) for good weather and to avoid typhoon season. There may be mosquitoes so bring some repellent.


How to get there:

I suggest you fly to Coron since a boat ride to the island may take you up to 3 days! Philippine airlines, Sea air and Cebu Pacific all fly to Busuanga airport and ticket prices really differ depending on the time of year you go. Check the airline websites for more information on ticket rates. From the Busuanga airport, you can arrange for your resort to have someone pick you up and drive you directly to where you will be staying. The drive is around 40mins and the rate is usually included with your hotel room price. Boats are for hire and maybe coordinated with people at the pier or with your hotel.



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